Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is your "News" up to date?

When I look at the website of a company, I almost always look at the "News" section. Don't you? If there is recently posted news, then we know the company is active and alive.

I looked at a site earlier today - in the news section was an announcement that their next newsletter would be posted in June 2007. They are already 9 months late! Is there anyone at home?

Last week I noticed that the site of Desedo, an innovative NY production company, was way overdue for a news posting. I mentioned this to the multi-talented Michael Hastings-Black who runs the firm. Within hours they had put up an excellent news post that showed lots of activity in the intervening months - completely explained the gap. Great energy and serious signs of life.

See their post here.

Is your news up-to-date?

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