Monday, August 4, 2008

Coaching: like having a business partner - but with no stake

I got the following from a coaching client today:

"Michael is a great listener, witty and very supportive. He makes you feel like you are talking to a business partner with the company's best interest in mind but nothing at stake. I feel lots of changes in the way I do business and we are busier than before."

Dear Sparkings: my staff is cranky, what to do?

Respect them. That is thing one. Tell them what is going on. Ask them to tell you what they think and what they want to do. Listen to them. Tell them your plans. You don't have to tell them everything - nor do you have to do what they ask, But you do have to respect them as people and to give them attention and not leave them in the dark. After that, money and time off and benefits and all those things - but first of all: respect.

Dear Sparkings: Should I use Facebook for my business?

What do you think? Write down all the gigs you got from it. Write down all the gigs you are going to get from it. Okay that's a start.

If you are looking at little photos of your potential partners and customers - and you know when their birthday is and when they last got drunk and when they are going to the gym...that has to have real value....doesn't it? It's certainly cheaper than buying them lunch.

But mainly of course it keeps you away from Solitaire. See you online.

(What's eating you today? Editor)