Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Asking the right questions

We met yesterday with an exciting young production company that is getting set for some significant growth. Here is part of a gratifying email they wrote me today:

"Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday. You asked many questions that we had let lurk in the shadows and pointed us in the right direction."

Yes indeed; that is what we do.

Monday, August 20, 2007

AICE "reinvigorated" thanks to Pollock Spark

A testimonial from Burke Moody, ED of AICE:

"Pollock|Spark created and conducted a survey for the Association of Independent Creative Editors (AICE), a trade association representing 130 companies and over 600 editors whose primary business is editing commercials for television, the web and cinema.

As happens in many associations, AICE had stalled and become stuck in its ways. There was a general feeling among the members that the leadership was isolated and the organization was simply not performing well. So we hired Pollock|Spark to investigate, find out what our membership really wanted, what issues were of most concern and recommend a course of action.

Since it was issued, the Pollock|Spark report has served as a trusted guide for the board of directors and the professional staff. It has helped navigate the substantial structural and behavioral changes the association has gone through, helped change the way AICE conducts its business and the way it informs and engages its membership. The difference has been extraordinary. From the attitude of the board to the renewed sense of purpose of the membership, AICE is a reinvigorated association thanks in no small part to the careful and insightful work of Pollock|Spark."

Burke Moody
Executive Director
Association of Independent Editors (AICE)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why some ideas survive and others die

We've been writing creative briefs in the last few days. Getting the brief right - whether your client does it for you, or you do it for yourself, or to get your client on the right page - is arguably the most important factor in a job's success.

We got real inspiration from a book called Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. We recommend it strongly to anyone with ideas to communicate.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Message and positioning are a natural fit

The pollock|spark team created a positioning and message for The Cooke Center (on behalf of The Cyrano Project.) Here is what the happy client said:

“Working with (them) was a pleasure. They did not come in and impose their vision, but helped us to articulate ours. They facilitated the creation of a central message and positioning for our organization that seemed natural and organic, something that grew from who we are, rather than something grafted on.”

Michael Termini, President, Cooke Center for Learning and Development, NYC

Let us help you create or refresh your company's positioning so that you can strengthen your communications and get more business.

pollock|spark team enables stronger communications

The Pollock|Spark consultant team has created a Main Message for NFTE (working through The Cyrano Project.) The same team can bring the same level of insights and help to your creative business. Here's what David Nelson, COO of NFTE said about our strategic work for them:

"(They) worked with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) on defining and honing our main message for communications. In the process of learning about NFTE and its work, the consultants demonstrated real understanding of our organization’s mission and came up with strategic insights which had impact beyond the message itself.

(They) helped our organization understand itself better and helped us resolve fundamental questions which are leading us to clarify our basic value proposition, as well as how we express it through messaging. This will lead us to more powerful promotion of our programs and enable us to attract more volunteers and donors over time.

I would recommend (them) to any organization seeking thoughtful analysis and stronger communications. (They) did a superb job."

Please get in touch if we can help your business clarify its value proposition and get more powerful promotion of your services.